Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Special Night

Usually, when you think of boys you think eww, gross, cooties!  Well, most of them are!  But, this past Tuesday the boys in our youth group really did a great job of making us girls feel special!  They planned a whole dinner for us and we made the desserts!
First, all the high school girls came to our house to make desserts for the night!  We had so much fun cooking in the kitchen and it smelled really good.  We made strawberry fruit pizza, cherry cobbler, tons of different kinds of brownies, and cheesecake!
After we finished making the desserts, we all went to get dolled up!  We spent a whole two hours on hair and make-up and of course dancing!  Whenever the girls get together you know we are gonna be dancing!  We took some silly pictures then went on our way to have dinner!
We were lookin good!

So we went to the church and waited for the surprise!  When the boys said they were ready, they led us in one by one to be seated at our table!  The room looked amazing!!  Right when we came in the door we were greeted by our new youth minister's (Scott!) little boy, Lincoln, and he gave every girl a rose!  It was precious!  Each table was candle-lit and it looked so nice!  

I felt like I was at a restaurant and the service was great!  Our boys really surprised us!  They did such a good job!  The food was great- very fancy! We had a nice salad for an appetizer and bread with olive oil!  We had flounder, asparagus (which is kinda good!), and potatoes.  It was very yummy!  And I think they liked our desserts too!  Thank you boys for being gentlemen!  

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