Saturday, September 10, 2011

Glory To GOD

Glory to God
Glory to God
Glory to God Forever (Yeah, Yeah)

Haha! The song Glory to God always reminds me of Ted now! Glory to God, Glory to God (repeat 5x)... It's very repetitive and maybe it's as deep as a kitty pool but I like it! Especially when we sing it with 2,000 other people at Impact! 

So something crazy awesome happened a few weeks ago! We finished our Charity water well!! We raised $5,000! We have some awesome, amazing people at our church who helped us and we couldn't have done it without them! 

So when I found out we did it, I called my cousin Travis. He was the one who told me about this charity and he really inspired me to do it! So I called him and told him and we were both so excited! He is actually planning to go to his well in Africa next summer (my mom said i could go too!! EEK!). So at the end of our little convo, I told him thanks so much for everything and he said something that i just totally blanked on for a second! "Glory to God." I was like, DUH YES! In all the excitement of the well finally being finished, I forgot that He had answered my prayer! God gave us an amazing opportunity to see His power and love and I still am so happy I got to see it! And it was PERFECT timing. There's an awful famine in the eastern parts of Africa and so many people are dying because they don't have food and water. It broke my heart to see pictures and videos of little children starving and dying, and there was nothing that could be done. 

Our well is going to be built sometime soon who knows where! But it's going to save lives and change lives forever! Because of GOD. EEK! And.... I might be taking a trip to our well once it's finished! EEK EEK! I would LOVE to go and meet the people. Anybody wanna come with me? :)